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I Did It!!

My goal as your Business Cultural Specialist in this month’s blog is to talk “Succession Planning”.  How ready have you made your employees for when there’s a promotion or through attrition available positions are open in a different division or job title.  This may be the time when levels of job performance are identified and what training is needed.

I recently met a leader with a team of 35 employees and his Supervisor was promoted to Manager of another area in the company.  The job opening was only up for one day and 15 employees applied.  I was  impressed because it signified several things: long term employment, personal and career goals or possibly having the opportunity to work with him. And I’ll go there; increase in pay.


Although, he was amazed at the amount of applicants, he knew most of his time would be dedicated to interviewing all of them.  Why? A culture is not in place for an employee to assess themselves against what the company’s expectations are for applying for promotion can become a free for all. Why?


– A performance program has snot yet been completed and implemented to all employees.

– Mid-year or annual reviews have not been written and delivered.  No employee should go beyond a year without knowing if they measure up to the minimum expectations of the job.

– An employee who should be on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), which is known in most companies might not have applied for the promotion.  They are performing at or below standards.  I don’t think I need to mention if this is someone you’d want to promote.

So, where does this leave my new friend.  I will be supporting him with leadership strategies to build his skills on how to partner with upper leadership on future changes. 


 He’s looking forward to offering ideas and suggestion to enhance the performance program.  Until then what can he do to provide honest and constructive feedback. Finding out what the goals each employee may have with this company. We all know that in the long run, employees who can apply themselves beyond the minimum expectations will be rewarded.


If you want to ensure a thriving performance program exists within your culture, contact HR On The Go Solutions.

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