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Are You Truly Leading?

Becoming a leader does not necessarily start with this specific question. Am I ready to lead or was I born to lead? Instead, it may come to your attention from interactions or behaviors you’ve demonstrated in a group, while doing a hobby or that you had a sense of wanting to make a difference to help others.

 In the workplace, the idea of becoming part of leadership might have been a conversation with your boss or considering applying for a promotion. Although the leadership umbrella is a big one, it’s important to know what value you will bring to the organization. Here are some statements I’ve heard from those considering or already in leadership.

  • Leadership is easy– No it isn’t. If this is what you think, you are in for a rude awakening. You’ll never have all the answers. There are many personalities, levels of experience, and making everyone inclusive to balance. You may often have to change your leadership style as needed.
  • I want to be liked by everyone– Impossible! When you make those tough decisions some or most will not like the outcome. The goal is to be fair and consistent. It’s better to ruffle a few feathers than the masses.
  • I can make my own rules – Stop the madness. There’s always a spotlight on you. Your employees look to you to lead by example. It’s usually when someone receiving feedback from you that they’ll push back that you do the same. Take responsibility, redirect, and hold the individual accountable.
  • They know what to do. Please don’t ever think that way. Everyone needs feedback including you. Does a learning and development culture exist? Are their performance issues within your team? Have policies and procedures been made available to all employees? Feedback on performance will also come from your customers. Find a way for your customer to provide feedback. It could be online or “drop us your feedback in a holder at checkout. Something you or a key individual can review. More importantly, challenge yourself to get back to those who did not have a not so good experience.

As a leader, continuous improvement for you and your team should be part of your culture. Above are just a few items that make up a bigger picture. Contact HR On The Go Solutions, LLC at to start building and developing your teams to the next level.